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Why does my 2001 Silverado keep chewing through Transmissions?


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I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado 4x4 Extended cab pickup.  

With about 230,000 miles, my transmission went out where it wouldn't shift into 4th gear.  I bought a rebuilt transmission with a 2 year warranty.  It went out after about 400 miles.  The guy honored his warranty, but  after about 2 more years this transmission went out.  I then found a cheapo craiglist transmission that lasted only about 1,000 miles.  But recently, I put in another rebuilt transmission which had a 5 year warranty.  This one immediately showed worrisome signs in that on long trips, it would start shifting hard after about 45 minutes.  After about 8 months and 4,000 miles it too went out.  My question is: Could there be some other issue with the truck that is causing transmissions to prematurely burn out?  Or do I just have bad luck?


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Jasper rebuilds are more expensive, but I can say their quality is much better. Many places reuse worn parts. They flush the valve body, put in new clutch discs and thats about it. I do know Jasper pretty much replaces everything almost. They will reuse some metal gears if tolerances are not far off. 

On side note, I’ve seen same thing with engines. Some reman places will throw in new bearings and rings, maybe oil pump. And that’s it. No machine work. No tolerance testing. Seen one the cylinders hadn’t even been honed. Guy paid for a rebuilt engine. They did nothing to the heads. Valves seals were leaking like crazy.

I once got a rebuilt engine on a closeout from a rebuilder that turned out to be so bad that I had to re-rebuild it myself. It looked like they didn't even bother to change out the bearings. Just because something has been "rebuilt" doesn't mean it's going to be any good.


Have you tried Monster or TCI.  These guys put in all the updated and stronger parts.


Sure, there could be an issue. Did you run a diagnostic scan?

You could have:

-a blocked cooler or lines.

- a loose driveshaft banging around.

- faulty sensors giving bad shifting data.



how exactly are the transmissions failing?