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VSC Check Engine Light


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Hi Scottie:

We live in California and we have a 2004 Toyota Highlander with 313,000 miles on it. For the past 7-8 years the check engine light with VSC as been on. Since it didn't seem to affect the performance of the car I ignored it. Then about 4 or 5 years ago we took a trip to Illinois and back. As soon as we got into Nevada and put a full tank of gas in it, the light went out. It remained out the entire rest of the trip and did not come back on until we were back in California and I put a full tank of gas from California in it. Now I know California requires a different mix of gasoline, but why would that cause this light to come on only in California? 



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Here's the thing whenever you get a check engine light in that car it'll automatically trip the other lights it's a software thing. Next time the light comes on get it scanned and send me the code

I got the Ancel diagnostic tool and the codes it gave were P0420 and P0430. It seems the issue is the catalytic converters, both bank 1 and bank 2.


Try filling your next tankfull, from another pump (brand), and see if the CEL goes away.

But as Scotty said, you’ll need to have the vehicle scanned if you want to know the cause of the codes.