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Which car should I pick? (Serious)


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Hey Scotty,

Currently I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla S with around 40k Miles that I bought off my mechanic for $3,500. It's in Excellent Condition just had to repaint it. Now recently my dad bought a 2012 Volkswagen CC 2.0 Turbo with 90k Miles for $2,500 and the only problem with it was one of the 4 Values in the engine didn't compress.  He's getting it fixed and has given me the option to take the Car and sell Corolla. I'm 19 and in College what do you think I should do? 



Fyi love your vids and now the Corolla is prob the Smart Cheap Efficient way to go but would love your opinion on it!

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hand down Corolla


An 11-year-old turbocharged VW that is developing serious problems vs. a Corolla that's barely broken in? Do you really even have to ask? (Unless you're a masochist keep the Corolla of course!)

I used this link on another post earlier today but it seems apropos here...


Ik but the car is cool and the only reason it had the problem was bc the divorcee hadn't used the car in over 4 years since it belonged to her ex husband


Well the Corolla is just boring, reliable transportation that you likely won't have many issues with. The only issues I could think of, is from not driving it enough.

The VW would be far more exciting Turbo powered car! I tell you what, those check engine lights work great in them!

I had a 2005 Bug and I saw the check engine light more in the three months I had it (I was practically given it with only 100k miles) than in all my years of owning Toyotas.

If you want to do work on your own car, or get experience as a mechanic, the VW is great for helping with that as well.



if you have money to spend, the VW. If you prefer reliability and to save your money, the Corolla.