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2003 Buick rendezvous crank no start after rain!


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2003 Buick rendezvous


My son Left the window open and after it rained for a very very long time I realized it was open and that everything was wet on the inside. Of course it was the drivers window. I let it dry out for a good couple days and then when I came out to start it, turned over once and then died. It will crank but not turn over. I pulled the dash off to make sure no rain was trapped and don't see any. Any ideas on what I can look for? I checked the fuses under the hood and all seem to be good.



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Check the PCV valve. My brother had an Oldsmobile when it rained, it did not want to start. A mechanic told him to check it. He changed it and didn't have the problem. Sounds crazy but who knows.