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2011 Sierra 1500 Creaking in rear end


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Scotty, I have a 2011 GMC SIERRA 1500 Z71 with 103,000 miles. I have had a creaking noise in the back right going on for a couple months that no one has been able to diagnose. The creaking only occurs that I can hear at low speeds, under 10 mph. What’s weird is it doesn’t creak when it’s raining. It’s driving me crazy. I had a friend walk along side the truck as I drove it slow and he said it was coming from the back right shock. The rear shocks are brand new, they are fox 2.0 off-road shocks. I checked the leaf spring bushings and shock bushings all are in good condition. I don’t know what else to check. Think you can help me? 

Also I forgot to mention the creaking was occurring before I replaced the factory shocks with the fox ones

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did you lower the vehicle to the ground before torquing the shock bolts?

Yes, I’ll double check the torque specs for those shocks and make sure they’re tight just to be safe and see what happens. But I did lower the truck then torqued them

leaf springs tend to get noisy with age too. You can try spraying some oil in there.


Apparently, the rain is temporarily lubricating something in the rear end that's dried out.  I would get a bottle of Armorall or Son of a Gun protectant and spray down all the rear end suspension components to include the springs and all soft components.

I already have tried spraying grease on all the parts where I thought it was coming from and that didn’t seem to do anything. Is there another specific part I should check, like the shock mount or something?

What do you mean by "spraying grease?"

like this stuff?


  Laughing Out Loud Creaking in the rear end?

Sounds like my ex! Laugh  


All the rubber parts need to be addressed.  Lithium grease is not a penetrant, it's a surface lubricant. 


My 1971 Ambassador's rear suspension was doing this. I know the 50-year-old bushings need to be replaced, but I have not had time to do anything with that. (Too many other projects. Front end has already been rebuilt.) For a while I sprayed the bushings with silicone spray but that would only last several days before the creaking came back. Several months ago I sprayed them with ATP AT-205 and to my surprise they've been silent since then. Unfortunately per the manufacturer there won't be any available until sometime next year due to supply chain problems.


Is the frame very rusty????? If it is I hope you don't have a stress crack in a badly rusted area that flexs.

Its one possibility.

No the frame is in immaculate shape. Yes there is a little surface rust here and there but what do you expect for a 10 year old vehicle lol I get her undercoated every 6 months just to be safe too