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2013 Ford Edge SEL spurters after fill up


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Hey Scotty, I've had my 2013 Ford Edge SEL for 3 years now and it has 110,000 miles.  I've had to put in a silly fuel pump that cost 2 grand and went ahead and replaced the timing chain since the mechanic was already there so I'm hoping to get 100,000 more miles.  Question, every since I've owned this vehicle when it's time to get gas, without fail it has trouble starting back up - but only right after a fill up.  At home or leaving work it starts up with the turn of the key once.  After getting gas I have to turn the key and it spurts and won't start until I stop turning the key and then I try again which it barely starts.  Last time I tried adding fuel injection clean my fuel pump went out less than 2 weeks later which Is the major problem with this Ride.  What do you suggest?  PS Ride car is going to be a 2016 Lexus RX 350! TIA

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I think you mean "sputters".

Sounds like a problem with the EVAP system.