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2014 VW Passat SE TDI with Tire Cupping


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I am being told the reason that my tires are cupping is because the 2014 VW Passat TDI has a 40,000 mile break-in on the rear suspension which typically causes alignment issues which need to be addressed for no other reason than the suspension causing the rear wheels to go out of alignment.  They are saying this is commonly found in this type of vehicle and other VW's.  My concern is I don't want to get 4 new tires and an alignment and then ruin 4 new tires because really the issue is something else causing the cupping.  Is this rear suspension story plausible?

Who, exactly is "They?"

mileage please. Per the instructions.

@Doc They is a local mechanic who claims they specialize in VW/Audi TDI.

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It is not surprising that VW does not make quality parts. Do some research and change the suspension and use good brands (like KYB).


40,000 mile break-in on the rear suspension

what?? 40k just for the suspension to ride properly? And you believed that?

It would take some people a decade to reach that mileage.