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2022 toyota cross vs 2022 subaru crosstrek


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My daughter is looking at buying a new crossover vehicle and is considering the 2022 toyota cross L or le model.  But we are a little concerned since it is a first producion year out of a new factory.


Other option is subaru crosstrek.  Worried about the carboning up of the valves on this one and overall longevity.


Goal is for economical dependible vehicle around town that can also be used for camping.  If there os something you think would be better suited i would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Thany you in advance!

Clarification: How many years and miles does it need to last her?


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They’re both good.  And perfect for what she wants.

Subaru has had issues with their CVTs in the recent past, but they are mostly sorted by now.  Their AWD systems are the best in the business. Overall, the Crosstrek has above average reliability, and repairs, if you ever need them, are generally cheap.  We bought my daughter a 2018 Crosstrek (first year of the current style) and it is at 95,000 miles with no significant issues.  As a bonus, it’s great for DIY maintenance: she does her own oil changes and I do the rest.

For the Corolla Cross, I think it is a nicer looking vehicle.  Even though it is a new model, many of the components have already been used in other Toyotas. Like CraigsList says, “It’s a Corolla.  It’s fine.”

I honestly don’t think you will regret either.  See which one drives better, and what you can find in dealer inventory. If you aren’t sure, go with the one with the more trustworthy local dealer.



Toyota, all day long.


I would vote for the Toyota. Check this out:


If you need AWD, go with the Crosstrek. Otherwise go with the Cross. 

Subaru has their AWD down to an art form. Toyota has had some trouble with their ICE AWD drive system in the RAV4 latest generation, but eventually figured it out. The Cross is brand new so we don’t know the reliability of it. (If it were the same platform as the RAV4, I’d say go for it, but it is the Corolla platform). 

With that said, if you just need 2WD, go with the Cross. Like said above, it is the Corolla platform, so many of the components are very similar to the Corolla. Which has been around for sometime. 


I'd go with the Corolla Cross. It's still the same old Corolla with a different body design.


If I were buying a first year model of a car then I would trust a Toyota one over any other brand. The Corolla has a very good reputation so even though the cross is a new body style but it's using a lot of what is being used on the Corolla so it should be the same quality. And all trims have an AWD option available if she needs it.


Even though it’s a first year model, I would still go with the Toyota Cross.  It’s based on the same platform as the Corolla and CH-R (including the powertrain) and those have been out for over 4 years and so far holding up.  You said it needs to last her at least 160,000 miles and this should get there.  It comes with the CVT but I  trust it over the Subaru’s.  Make sure she is on top of the CVT fluid change intervals (every 30,000 miles).