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1971 Buick Skylark for daily Driver?


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Hi Scotty, I found a 1971 Buick Skylark with only 671 miles, they are asking 30k for it, at Streetside Classics. 

What kind of problems might come up with a car sitting for so long ? 

Im guessing there might be alot of work to do before I turn the key and start driving it 

.thank you 


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It could make a great weekend toy but you really don't want to use a car that old as a daily driver. (I have cars that old and older.)  The mileage is obviously suspect - odometers of that era would roll over after 99,999 miles and it is likely that is what happened here, at least once. Particularly if it has a lot of original rubber parts and the car has been sitting for a long time it might well need a complete overhaul just to make it driveable. Another red flag is its being sold by a dealer.

It would be better to pick up something newer as a daily driver and find a more reasonable buy on a classic car to play around with.


Unless there is documentation to prove the mileage I wouldn't believe it. If the car hasn't been used in 40 years there could be an unimaginable number of problems. Possibly a weekend toy or project car but definitely not something to think about as a daily driver. Also see what your insurance company says about it. A standard policy is probably not in the cards.

A find like that is quite rare and I would be super skeptical. The odometer could have rolled over once or twice, engine and transmission replaced, etc. There has always been a lot of car flip scams out there. Get an expert to check it out for that much ca$h first.


Run away, not worth it.