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3 car?'s--2000 tundra, 07 altima


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First a HUGE thanks to 'chuck tobias' for the answers/comments to my last question/post and to scotty for the vids and this site. secondly, sorry to post these questions all together; i'm a lumper plus have very slow interwebs so the fewer pages to load the better.

1) looking for capacities and fluid types/weights for 2000 tundra, ~80K mi., v8, automatic, 2wd, reg cab, short bed. Friend asked me if he needs to do some fluid changes-he's owned the truck since new and never had anything changed but the oil and tires lol. He's not very mechanically inclined but is buying fluids and willing to lend me a hand in doing the changes for him. He can't find the owners manual and my online search has yielded some questionable info (one site-that claims to be a pdf of owners manual listed 1.8 qts in cooling system, one site listed transmission as 2.2qts dexron ii while a second site listed 4qts dexron iii with a drain and fill and a third said 13qts atf-with other capacities varying just as much; obviously i would only replace what i drain and/or use the dipsticks but wanna use the correct type/weight of things as well as try to have enough on hand for all that i'm changing).

     1a) Is it ok to change the transmission fluid considering the mileage and age or is it to the point that changing it may cause the 'more harm than good' that scotty warns of? (if it's ok to change i was going to do a simple drain and fill via the plug x2 with a little drive between the changes).

2)07 altima: After conversing with chuck tobias (again huge thanks to him) in this post   i cannot seem to find where the sensor/thermistor (linked below) plugs in-i'm guessing one end clips on the evap but then where does the connector plug into (i haven't ordered one yet but an internet seach shows it to have 2 wires and a white plug/connector)


3) a generic question-how does one go about cleaning an engine bay on newer cars? (i've watched scottys video of the danger of this with all the electronics and such). i have  garage queen ('vette) but would like to give the engine bay a good cleaning-is it ok to disconnect the battery, clean with hose pressure h20 and soapy water, let it dry a couple days-or weeks then reconnect the batt? or is this a HUGE no no on any modern car? 

Watch this video by ChrisFix on cleaning the engine bay. The video gives step by step on how to properly clean everything in the engine bay.

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You can download the car manual from the following link:*1lrlo4g*_tmna_ga*OWJhZWRmNjU1ZWY4Njk4MV43YzQ5MzE1YWNkZmM0MDIz*_tmna_ga_EP43E5EFVZ*MTYzMzY4NzY3Ny4xLjEuMTYzMzY4NzY5OS4zOA..

1) inspect the ATF fluid first before changing it. Most likely, you should be fine if you do the drain and refill. 

3) I would not pressure clean the engine bay. You may damage the sensors/electronics and it can be a real pain to fix it.


thanks for the info yaser. also i did find some good stuff at and i found through these sites that the 2.1qts for the transmission the owners manual states is a miss in proofreading/translation. thanks again yaser