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Accessory socket to a cigarette lighter/accessory socket


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Hey Scotty! 

i appreciate your work, and would appreciate your knowledge. I can’t find a straight answer anywhere online. 

Cars used to come standard with a cigarette lighter socket. These were upgraded to be both cig lighters and accessory sockets. Then cars stopped adding the lighter portion to the 12 v sockets.


i have a 2001 Honda Accord LX, it comes standard with 1 accessory socket. I want to replace this with a lighter compatible socket. 

Do you see any issues here?

Thank you!

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Well if you look at the fuse for the accessories see how many amps it is and if you're going to use that amount of amps or less on your cigarette lighter that's fine. But if you're using higher amperage then run a wire from the battery with your own inline fuse to the new cigarette lighter rather than using the wiring already existing in the car they couldn't hold that kind of amperage