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Back Again...Oil Burn syndrome on a 2009 Toyota Matrix 2.4L - 5 speed- 140K


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Thanks for previous replies to my posts on my OIL BURNING Matrix.  Have never seen smoke or oil on the ground. I now assume it is my engine ( discussions support it is my notorious 2.4L engine ) Outside of replacing or rebuilding the engine, will changing my oil brand or adding specific additives ...slow down the oil burn on this engine?  It has been a great car since I became the second owner - love it! - but wondering if I should change BRANDS of engine oil or include additives to slow down the burn process....right now I have to change every 2k in to a 3k synthetic-blend oil change interval.  As always ... thanks for your suggestions..and reading this post!  Stay Well !

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If that engine has variable valve timing I would not use any additives or change oil viscosity from manufacturer's specifications. If it doesn't have VVT you could try a little heavier oil or, maybe try some snake oil like Lucas Oil Stabilizer etc. (That type of stuff works mainly by thickening the oil.) There is no silver bullet though other than rebuilding the engine.

If I understand what you're saying it's using about a quart every 2000-3000 miles? Not great but not too terrible either, I'd probably just keep adding oil as needed at that rate.

That engine has VVT, and I agree with your recommendation.


Try some bars oil seal leak. I have seen it cut down oil use on cars burning oil. 


Going full synthetic may help a speck. You can go up to 5W-30 if your car calls for 0W-20.
Stick to name brand additives, if any.