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brake pulsation after rear and front brakes pads and rotors.


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I recently replaced my rear and front brakes pads and rotors. Rear is drums on 2000 toyota camry, automatic, 191,000d.  Bled the brakes, tighten lug nuts.

Still have pulsation at slowing down from 40 below. Your help is appreciated always.

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Is your abs light on? Other than a malfunction there, you may have just picked up rotors that were TOO cheap & are warped.

Hi, thanks for reply. no abs light.

Hi, sorry to jump in the middle, i have posted the similar issue in the forum.
And My ABS light was on, and we changed the ring but the ABS light disappeared only for few days and came back, so since than it comes back as it pleases and my mechanic has no clue why it is coming back, he thinks it is something to do with electric module. So my question is ABS light has something to do with prematurely warped rotors?


Did you resurface the rear drums ?

The drums are brand new and all parts are brand new.


At really good brake shops, brake shoes are usually ground to fit the arc of the drums, turned or not. If that wasn't done, the new shoes will eventually wear into the correct arc.

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I was looking at this info.

Still working on it.  I wonder if the caliper clips and shims parts needs to be cleaned and greased properly.