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Should I buy a Chrysler or Toyota


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I have a choice between a 1999 Chrysler cirrus with 165k miles that has been well maintained over the years. He's the only owner. Says new parts like water pump, timing belt with tensioners and pulleys, exhaust pipes, among other electrical repairs like alternator have been replaced. A mechanic took a look at it and said he believes that it will be problem free to drive for another 3-5 years. Then I have a Toyota solara with 226k miles with the same repairs and maintenance record. However the Toyota parking brake doesn't work. Which one should I choose?

What is the price of the Chrysler Cirrus and Toyota Solara?

Their both around 1 to 2k

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In terms of price and mileage, I would go for the Cirrus.

Despite Chryslers bad reputation?

The 41TE transmission in the Cirrus isn't the absolute worse. I have an '04 Chrysler Town and Country LX (which has the same transmission) and it works fine. The 4-cylinder Chrysler engines are ok with proper care. If this has the V6 engine, then it's from Mitsubishi which was also ok at the time.