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Did i push my car to the limit?


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Hello everyone, I got a 98 Saturn sc2 with 195k miles and an automatic transmission. I had a hell of a day yesterday and I had to speed up for a while. I pushed my car up to 100 mph and revved as high as 6000 rpm. I know in some places 80 is the speed limit in freeways but I never pushed my car that much and my transition already had some lag changing to reverse. I just want to know the potential damage this could have done to my car and what are some things I can do to minimize the damage.

have a great day, keep up the good work Scotty!

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As mentioned, reverse is usually the first gear to start having issues. Older cars just don't like being hammered on. There isn't much you can do to minimize the damage that may have been done. If anything was hurt internally, it will take a rebuild to fix it.


reverse is usually the first gear to go out on a worn out transmission.



If there is no change in the way it is running then I wouldn't worry about it. But I sure wouldn't tempt fate by doing that again.