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Facebook scammer, rolled back miles


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Hi. I sold my 2007 gmc truck last week on marketplace ($4700) and I now see it for sale on marketplace for ($8500) and 100k LESS miles... it's definitely my old truck, i can pick out 5 things in the pictures that I did to it. Could I get in trouble because this person in scamming the next buyer? He has my signed green title.     Keep up the great work, love the show. Thank you, Charlie

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put up your own facebook ad for the same truck, warning other buyers.

I'm pretty sure it's against the law too. Alert the police.


If the buyer did not sign your title when he bought the car, you better talk to a lawyer since your name is on the title as the current owner. 


This is one reason I hate Facebook Marketplace. It is so shady and full of bottom feeders. No offense to the OP as he was legit selling his truck the first time, but legit sellers are the much rarer find. 

I would inform the police department and also post an ad of your own to warn others, as Joe said. The guy will likely flip it and never put it in his name. You don't want the new owner coming after you when they find out the correct mileage.


This is why you should never sell a vehicle to anyone who will not sign the pink slip and provide identification BEFORE you (the seller) sign off your interest in the vehicle.