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V8 in Lexus


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For the 2018-present model year of the Lexus LS- the Lexus LS500, why did they replace the V8 with a twin-turbocharged V6? I am aware that NA V8 engines are phasing out and twin-turbo V6s are coming in but also to put in note.

  1. When the Lexus LC came out it with the redesigned LS for 2018 and onward, it came with a NA V8 and it is on the platform of the LS so why not just put it?
  2. The Lexus IS; which is smaller than the LS, ES and the former GS is getting a the same NA V8 from the LC for the upcoming 2022 IS500F.

Would the 5.0 NA V8 from the LC even fit in the LS?

Why is it also called the LS500 even though it has a 3.5 liter engine and not a 5.0 liter engine? Should it be called the Lexus LS350? Because that would be a tad ridiculous on paper.

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LS is the Lexus flagship model. Flagships always get the most R&D.

Or maybe they're trying to streamline production by reducing the number of options.

Who knows.


Ask the manufacturer lol it really doesn't make any sense does it 

As with ferrari ford etc etc they are reducing cylinders shoving electric motors and turbos