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Fan from NYC would like to bring my car for full diagnosis, health of Engine, trans., etc..


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Hello Scotty, I'm a fan of your content on YouTube and have learned a good amount of helpful knowledge about cars in general, and applying it to my car as well as my father's.
I am grateful for what you do, however the reason for my inquiry/message is to ask if I can bring my car, a 2013 BMW 528I xDrive mileage just under 65k, 70%city/30%highway , to get a full diagnosis (a sort of health report on my car). The same type of service you would for a pre-purchase inspection with the famous "fine tooth comb" lol.
If you can let me know how much It would cost. As well as until when are you going to be in the northeast? Rhode Island I believe you said, And I'm only asking so I can try to find the best time in correlation of both of schedules, to come up from Brooklyn, New York City.
Thanks Scotty.

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Send him an email to schedule time. He is currently in Rhode Island.


Scotty is booked solid.