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2014 honda civic lx 1.8 automatic, hesitation and misfire


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I have a 2014 Honda Civic 1.8 automatic trans LX model. I have a hesitation from start. Car has 371,000 Mi runs great very smooth until this started. It's only when you leave the line slight hesitation and then it is completely fine. I replaced brand new NGK OEM spark plugs and it read it needed number one coil. Replaced one coil. Put it on the scanner still has a Miss but now it is a jumping Miss. It will go randomly from different cylinders. Replacing all the coils at this point doesn't seem right if even the new coil is showing a misfire. Any help at this point would be appreciated I am kind of at a loss right now. Again car runs great other than when you pull away. You have to feather the gas.

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See the troubleshooting section of the FAQ.