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Is 2019 Corolla (Non hatchback) okay to buy?


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Big fan of yours, I watched 30 videos of yours to help me buy a Toyota. I saw a video where you said the normal Corolla 2019 has a game changer cvt.

I found a good deal on one and might get it this week. I'm worried that it might go bad like the 2019 Corolla hatchbacks (recall) tho! Please let me know your thoughts, thank you Sir.

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I would get the 1.8 liter engine for more reliability in the long run. If you can drive a manual car, get it to have more fun with it. 


It's alright.

Either get the 2.0 Dynamic force or the manual, the 1.8L regular CVT is quite weak but as long as you keep the tranny oil clean it can last a very long while.


Yes, that is an excellent choice. That wasn't the recalled transmission. Even if it was, all the recalles transmissions have been fixed.


Have you searched Corolla CVTs in the search bar?