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2021 Kia soul burning oil


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Just bought a brand new 2021 Kia soul back in February of 2021 and they had a recall for the Kia souls with the 2.0L non turbo Because of an oil consumption problem cuz the piston rings weren't made right. Went in for the recall and said the engine was still running great and they didn't do anything except do a software update and they said if we have any problems to come back. Now it's burning oil with only 14k miles and now we have to do an oil consumption test and apparently it has to burn 1Q of oil every 1,000 miles before they will do anything but as of now it's only burning half a quart between oil changes. I'm afraid they won't do anything. Is there anything I can do?

Clarification:  What is your oil change interval?

I do it every 7,500 miles because that's what the car tells me to change the oil.

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Sell it and don't buy another Kia.


Maybe try another dealership. If your car is part of a recall, then they should fix it regardless of it "running great". Seems to me a lame excuse to not carry out the work that they are supposed to do. 

Otherwise, half a quart between oil changes isn't bad. Realize that new engines have low tension piston rings that are supposed to increase fuel economy but they do let a little more oil to get past them. Just make sure to monitor the level every now and then and make sure it doesn't get worse.

I'd rather have an engine that doesn't burn oil than a car that does and get little bit better fuel economy. But if that's the case then it'll look like I'm fighting a uphill battle. I guess I'll continue with his oil consumption test and just have to deal with it burning a bit of oil.


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How can a software update magically fix piston rings that weren't made right? You should've asked whether those mechanics had finished high school. Their common sense is in Vahala.


Unfortunately the metric that most manufacturers use is that oil consumption up to a quart every 1000 miles is "normal" and they won't do anything about it until consumption increases beyond that. Sounds nonsensical and it is, but if you read the fine print on your warranty there is no doubt language allowing them to make that call. Hyundai/Kia products are prone to oil burning problems though of course others have suffered from that problem at one time or another.