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Lexus Engine Ticking Noise


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Hey Scotty,


I have a 2011 Lexus GS 350 RWD with the 3.5L V6 engine (2GR-FSE), automatic transmission, with about 82K miles on it and no codes.  However, I've noticed that it makes this pretty loud ticking-like noise from only one side of the engine though.  See the link below to hear the noise, I've read that it may be the fuel injectors- since this engine has direct and port injectors.


What do you think it is, should I worry?



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I think so. 

Is it something I should worry about? Do I need to replace the right side injectors?

This noise if more related to the direct injectors and this is their nature. Although if you want to have a piece of mind, have a honest mechanic to check the engine.

Sounds good, thank you.