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Life of Nissan Rogue CVT


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Hi Scotty,

I recently purchased a 2016 Nissan Rogue SL with a CVT transmission, it had only 40,000 miles on it and I paid $23,000 for the car. After watching your video I was concerned about the longevity of the transmission and was wondering if there was anything I could do to make it last longer. Some owners have their CVT's serviced every 30,000 miles to avoid problems. 

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The theory behind premature failure of the Nissan CVT is friction causing material to flake off and dirty the transmission oil. Hence, when you change the transmission oil more often, it may potentially prolong the life of the transmission.

Thank you for the information and video.. amazing that the fluid was dirty after 20k miles.


Not the exact answer on how to make the cvt last longer, but if you have paid $23k for it and given used car prices being very high now you might want to consider selling it (you can get what you paid for or sometimes even more) and then buy something better. Like one option can be considering the RAV4 that definitely is better quality.

Not a bad suggestion, I'm definitely considering it however I need an AWD car for the ice and snow here and it would be a sell high / buy higher type of situation given what Toyotas are going for these days.. about $30k for a comparable vehicle if I don't want one with insanely high mileage...

You can get a brand new rav4 LE with AWD for $27750 if you end up paying msrp. Or you can get the previous years model (2021) if a dealership has any left and try to negotiate (which is still happening) and get it for less than msrp. You can try to find your current vehicles trade in value from different places like Carvana, Carmax, Vroom, etc. which I am seeing people getting much higher values for their cars compared to before.


Yeah... Now that you own it, transmission fluid changes are important.

Some YouTuber (Car Wizard? - A big guy from Kansas, I think) says they shed a lot of metal and frequent changes and dropping the pan is important.

ALSO:  That CVT is not a race car's CVT.  Gentle acceleration cuts down on some of the damage.  Change oil at 5k miles, watch your coolant levels (any signs of overheating is more likely your transmission as, I believe, they use Denso for their thermostats - decent quality). Keeping your tires' air pressure monitored too...  A Nissan tech told me that when I was paying for a transmission fluid flush.

Nissan committed harakiri with that Jatco transmission.

Thank you very much. I think so many auto manufacturers are going to CVTs to keep up with today's harsh emissions standards and they appear to be a big step down in durability vs. the standard old 4-speeds. I checked out the Car Wizard's video (above) it looks like the fluid dirties prematurely and the manufacturer oddly advises owners not to service it very often, I'm thinking of servicing it every 20-30k plus I extended the warranty out to 116k miles just in case. Again thanks very much.

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The Rogue is almost paid off (trying to pay things off quickly), and have an extended warranty to 116k, also Nissan due to the lawsuit over these transmissions extended their warranty to 80k miles, I'm thinking this plus 20k CVT services I should be ok for a while. 


The key word in your statement is "should."  Good luck.

Was there an issue with what I said seeing as I would not be paying for a new transmission pre-100k miles, did you have a suggestion beyond 'buy a new car?'


All you can do is service the CVT no more than every 30,000 miles and go easy on it:  don’t tow with it, don’t go on dirt roads/off-road with it, don’t drive like a maniac, stick to highway miles over city miles, and pray.