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Lost power and power steering, code P0300


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2011 Buick Regal, Automatic, ~110k miles


My friend, while driving to work today, lost all power to the wheels and power steering randomly while driving today and the check engine light came on. Upon taking the car to an autozone, they got the code P0300. The car was just bought about a week and a half ago, and they changed all the spark plugs/ran fuel injector cleaner through it right after buying it. Since the spark plugs were just changed it probably isn't that, are there any ideas as to what else it could be? I don't know a ton about cars but I know that its probably a misfire and that misfires aren't good.

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Anything that interferes with combustion can cause a misfire and the list of possibilities is long. You might want to check simple stuff first like air and fuel filters, fuel pressure, and look for vacuum leaks.


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