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Oil specs for 2016 Nissan Frontier


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I have a 2016 Nissan Frontier with the VQ40DE engine.  The manual specifies 5W30 engine oil.  I have had my oil changed at the Nissan Dealer every 5,000 miles since new (they were charging about the same as the cost of the oil and filter).  The truck now has 116,000 miles on it.  I noticed on the oil change sticker that they used 0W20 oil. I looked back at the old invoices, and they have been using 0W20 since the truck had 45,000 miles on it.  I asked about why they were not using 5W30 and they said that Nissan now recommends 0W20 for my vehicle.  I have looked everywhere and can't find that recommendation.  Has/is this oil going to hurt my engine?

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The difference between the two oils is within weather conditions: 0w20 is better in cold weather while 5w30 is better in hot weather. I don't know where you live but if your truck doesn't burn oil and still runs fine, I would stick with 0w20.


I live in Mississippi, and it is usually pretty d**m hot here. The truck doesn't burn oil and runs fine. Since it has been using 0w20 for the last 70,000 miles, I guess it's not a problem.



 This should answer your question 

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That comes from Nissan Canada, but I would assume it would apply to Nissan USA as well, though the Canadian weather is usually a lot cooler than here.


If it is like many Toyota engines, the standard may have been made retroactively. 

For example, when my 2004 Prius came out, it was 5W-30. But many years later, they retroactively made 0W-20 compatible with car. Both oils are fine for the Prius, and I’ve switched between them. 0W-20 seems to last a little longer and less burning oil, but that’s just anecdotal from what I have seen with my own eyes. 

Your car / engine may*** also have retroactively updated the standard.