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P0872 on Holden Commodore


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I have a Holden commodore vf ssv redline (Chevy SS). The car nearly has 200,00km on it. Anyways my automatic transmission is playing up. I have one code p0872 that shows up. It’s having trouble grabbing gears. How to fix this problem? Transmission fluid pressure switch 3 circuit low voltage

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Well pray that it's just that song I did often is but of course theoretically can be the wiring going to the solenoid it can be an internal failure in a transmission or it can be a problem in the ECM computer that ultimately controls it.

Well I don’t think it’s the ECM because I did wipe the code took it for a drive and that same code come up again. This only start playing up a day after a long 8 hour trip but we didn’t really have a problem with till the next day I drove it to the city and then turn the car off came back to take the car home and that’s where it started from the fluid was a little bit dirty I didn’t see any metallic stuff in it. But I did change it just in case it was that. But it’s still having trouble it really has trouble going up to 4 gear. So I’m pretty sure that might be damage. I really don’t have the money to take it to a professional but I no that what I’m going to have to do. Thank you so much for your help I do much appreciate it. And for getting back to me so quickly.