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Random starting issue


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Hello, I have a scion tc 2006 with a 196k miles on it. I had to change the starter out of my car because the car would not crank, but to do so i took out the battery and with that my car started acting strange. the computer in the car seemed to go haywire and the car ac would not turn on the radio stopped working and and there was cylinder misfires after the first couple starts. after 4-5 starts i realize things start to work again but one problem remained. The car would start either instantly or take 4-5 seconds before turning over and turning on. now its a guessing game with my car, it always starts but at random times the car starts between 2-3 seconds to 5-6 and it its alarming me. keep in mind that i checked all electrical parts for corrosion or loose wiring and cant seem to find whats wrong. Help!

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Well said but true sometimes they're moving batteries and reinstalling them calls of voltage surge that can fry the computer. I would start by having a mechanic check that possibility out first