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Rubbery Noise When Turning Wheel?


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2018 Honda Accord, 55,000 mi. There is a rubbery croaking noise coming from the drivers side suspension whenever I turn the steering wheel at low speeds or when stationary. Honda dealership was unable to duplicate the sound until more weight was put on that side. (Either the technician was super light or I just weigh more). They say it’s a bad strut mount and would have to replace the whole strut assembly. They would advise against doing just the mount. Needing a second opinion! 

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if it's under warranty let them do it. If not, go to an independent mechanic for a second opinion, and stay away from dealerships.


It's a 2018 so not under warranty anymore; take it to a trusted independent mechanic to check it out. Don't go to dealership unless for warranty or recall work.


At the risk of possible backlash, an individual strut mount can be replaced.

Now, the dealer also knows, "you should always replace struts in pairs". Probably the very reason why the dealer suggested you replace an entire strut when you can replace a single strut mount. They're hoping to sell and install 2 new ones..

Not to degrade your dealer, but your strut mount might be just fine. A second opinion from someone who specializes in front end alignment/repair will surely give you better clarity.

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Thanks all. I actually work for the dealership but in sales. I trust that they’re not trying to up-sale me, as employees are treated like we have brains and aren’t “innocent and susceptible” normal customers to prey on. I doubt they’re making huge profits off me charging employee pricing. Unfortunately this is the reality and how it goes (at least at my location). However the only thing I question is how knowledgeable the technicians are at correctly diagnosing issues lol. Taking it to an independent shop for a second opinion.