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I'm looking for a good scan tool. I currently have an autel 906bt but i cannot use it for some of these newer vehicles. What do you recommend. I'm not a snap on guy by the way, that seems like an 8000 brick. I would like to program modules, ecm, pcm,tcm things like that.

Thanks for your time!

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  • Well I'm presently using an Autel maxi sys. Ultra It costs five grand and it pretty much blows me away!

Posted by: @retiredben

I would like to program modules

can you elaborate on this?

Do you just mean reading live data?

If you just need install new modules and imprint them with your vin then a high end handheld tool can do that.

If you're talking about retuning engine parameters, this requires a very expensive PC interface and software, as well as a data subscription from the vehicle manufacturer. If you actually want to know what you're doing with the software, then you'll have to sit down with some thick textbooks for a few months or take an online course. Unless you plan on doing this for a living, it's not worth it and you should just take your car to a shop.

see our FAQ for recommended diagnostic tools


 I currently have an autel 906bt but i cannot use it for some of these newer vehicles

What do you mean exactly?


An Autel Maxisys 906BT is a really good scan tool capable of bidirectional capabilities as well.   Brand new it used to cost over $1,500.  Anyways, you have one year of free software updates before you have to pay for yearly upgrades.  If you don’t get those upgrades it won’t work with the newer model year vehicles.  How old is your scan tool?