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Buying a used vehicle out of state


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Scotty,  I have been told by my Lexus/Toyota independent mechanic to start looking for a replacement vehicle

because my 2006 Toyota Rav4  V6 unlimited with 136000 miles is corroding away,  Corrosion of both rocker panels and

corrosion holes in the rest of the underside of the vehicle, saw the photos  and doesn't look good.  He said it's not worth wasting money doing any more repairs.

The Vehicles I am interested in are another RAV4 2009 or 2010 v6 limited or sport AWDs, Acura RDX AWD 2010 to 2014, Lexus RX 350 AWD.  I live in Maine land of chlorine on roads.  Not finding these vehicles in Maine, so is it too much of a risk to buy out of state ? The process looks frightening.  Your advise is desperately needed.


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Never buy a used car that you cannot personally examine and have a good mechanic check out.


Scotty answered at 1:55