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Forrester wheel vibration


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Hi Scotty!

Have a 2010 Subaru Forester Limited X that just crossed the 180K mark. Had to replace the engine about 6 years ago due to oil consumption. Thudding coming from the front right with vibrations getting worse. Took it somewhere over weekend waiting for more information. Went under car didn't see anything wrong with the tire although the rotors did look worn. I seem to be replacing rotors all the time in this car, alongside struts. Is there anything I can do to keep from the rotors wearing down so quickly? I live in Morgantown, WV and travel up and down the east coast regularly. Is it just from being so active or is there something I can do to extend life of my brakes?



It was a wheel bearing issue! *thanks to the faqs for helping me bring to mechanic and they agreed* but still any ideas on how to extend life of my suspension/brake system in this area?

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When was the last time you changed the rotors?

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Last September, about 11000 additional miles since

How do the pads look like? Are they worn too?
Buy quality pads and rotors and see how long they last.

pads look good no serious wear

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So more info coming from the mechanic, new control arms and bushings in front alongside wheel bearing. said the rear is going out too but not bad. should i just get those taken care of now if im going to be driving up and down the coast this summer?