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Should I sell my Subaru


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Hi Scottie, love your videos. 

I recently purchased a Subaru Crosstrek 2018 Limited with 42K miles on it. Has a clean title and it’s in excellent condition. I purchased it for around 8 thousand dollars below market value from an 80 year old man who wanted to sell it quick. I’m tempted to flip the car and buy electric or hybrid so I can bypass expensive gas prices in Montreal (1.85$ a liter). Should I just keep the car and be happy or flip it and buy electric/hybrid? Thanks

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Should I just keep the car and be happy or flip it and buy electric/hybrid?

That’s up to you and your finances and what your spreadsheet math shows.  But, whatever you do absolutely do NOT buy an EV.   Don’t be a Guinea pig!   If you want to go electrified, get a Toyota hybrid and call it a day.


Another option is a Toyota plug in hybrid, but definitely don't buy EV. One more thing to keep in mind is that hybrid or plug in hybrid is more expensive so you have to see if you drive enough to justify that price difference.


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A low mile Crosstrek would be a hard car to walk away from.  That thing has a lot of useful life ahead of it.  For perspective, my daughters 2018 Crosstrek is going on 140,000 miles and hasn’t required much other than routine maintenance (and collision repair).  

Subarus are cheap cars and use cheap parts (though they are made in a very high quality factory in Japan) so things will break.  But fixing them is cheap, too, and generally easy.  

If there is something else out there that is more appealing to you, go for it.  But the practical answer would be to keep the Crosstrek. 


Run the numbers and see how long it will take to save money doing that.


I would love to have one like that for 8k below it's true value. Likely been driven easy, though I would start changing the transmission fluid about every 30k, could last a good long while with no issues.