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Should my friend sell his 1995 Corvette for a 2002 trans am WS6?


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Hey all, I know a lot of Gm vehicles aren’t good and personally a fast sports muscle car is not my cup of tea however a friend of mine came into money and sold his house he’s got his eye on this 2002 Trans Am yellow WS6 6 speed. super clean needs nothing and it only has 36,000 miles. Runs and drives great, unmolested, and garage kept. Guys asking $26,000. That’s a almost 20 year old car  I told him for that money buy a newer Toyota or Lexus but he says he only wants American and he’s gotta get a fast weekend toy so he can have fun. Is this a good idea or is he out of his mind? He also has a 95 corvette 6 speed he bought in 03 and a Cadillac XT5 

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I know EXACTLY why that car is priced as it is.

There is only 1 way you got a yellow WS6 in 2002: It is the Collector's Edition Last of the Breed limited production vehicle. The prices on them have SOARED lately. For example:


Now....with its history, the car isn't worth $26k. Not even $20k. If it still has a clean title, it's about a $16k - $18k car all day tops. If you are going to drive the car, get a normal WS6 for $10k - $12k and do what you want to it. Don't pay extra for a limited run car you aren't going to collect and that isn't worth the price due to its past.

Looks just that other one only it was a T Top and wow that’s almost $50,000 I rather put that money towards my house or get a brand new 4 runner. However I know there’s people that like to use that money for something that takes off like a rocket and goes 150mph+ but I’m not one of them.

Yeah they came in T-Top or convertible. And no other trim could be had in yellow. They were nice but IMO HIGHLY overpriced. But there is a market for them.


Yeah, it's a bad choice for reliability and performance, but hey, if  money falls into your lap,  there are a lot of worse ways to spend it - at least he's not blowing it on cocaine,  fast women and slow horses. He might let you borrow it!

I like slow horses....

it is a bad choice overall because I happened to lookup the Carfax and it had 2 owners ( guy who’s selling it is the 2nd owner only had it 3 years). In 2004 The car was involved in a front end accident damage to left front with disabling damage and was towed. The car is from Michigan but service records show it’s been serviced in Alabama. This tells me it’s been driven back and forth from Michigan to Alabama so the odometer had to be rolled back and being from Michigan from the other owner could have rust. This was also in a major accident 17 years ago so this ones a red flag


That's what good low mile examples go for at the auctions and higher for Z28 and Trans-Am WS6 optioned 6spd cars. If it's a mint auction quality creampuff that's the money. Just watch any Barrett-Jackson or Mecum auctions. Wish I still had my '99 Trans-Am.


If you’ve already shown him the car fax & he’s still interested, let him waste his $26,000..

He’s looking to sell his 95 corvette it’s 72,000 miles for the same price as the trans am

The trans am has been sold somebody else got it for$23,500.

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