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What if Elon offers you money, Scotty?


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Hi Scotty, love your channel. I saw your video exposing Elon Musk and Tesla. You have been boycotting tesla for a while now, and for completely valid reasons (pollution caused by creating batteries, no infra to support electric cars). But Elon Musk is a millionaire and he goes after all of his critics. Remember when he sued top gear and jeremy clarkson for saying bad things about tesla cars?

So if Elon Musk were to offer you say a mere $5 million to take down your anti-tesla videos and to publicly advocate their cars, would you do it?

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I think it would be more fair if Musk gave that money to his workers with lower wages.

@mountainmanjoe it seems you don't agree

Workers should be paid according to their performance and skills. If they want to enjoy the success of the company they can buy stock options. But that’s not the subject of this topic.

Yes, they should be. But are they? According to Scotty's videos about that I think they deserve more.


I know Scotty has issues with Elon and Tesla, and I share those same concerns, but I gotta give the guy credit, he was building fully mass marketable EV’s before anyone else. And with Space X he has shown that private industry can outperform Government based entities. NASA is depending on Space X more everyday, 

Agree...I'm not a huge fan of Musk but the fast progress Space X has made is amazing. And the variety of things he is trying, like Starlink....he saw a need and figured out a plan to hopefully fill that need. He has accomplished some truly amazing things in a relatively short period of time.

I see Musk as a carnival huckster. Tesla would not even exist were not for government policies. Space-X seems to blow up rockets more than anything else and Starlink is an inane idea. I won't be buying anything from him that's for sure.


I've been watching Scotty for years now and I can't really believe that he has been in the game this long just for the money. There's an intrinsically good feeling that comes with learning new things and fixing stuff. Scotty goes above that to help empower others to feel the same way. If he feels that Tesla cars are not good for such and such reasons then he will say so and explain himself. Ultimately his advice is aimed at regular people and DIY hobbyists. The good feeling that you get when helping others in such a pure way is worth more than any physical dollar amount.


No, Scotty would keep telling the truth.


Scotty seems to be a man of integrity. He tells it as it is and we all benefit from that. 

Tesla and its owners are only I interested in building wealth and fame. I believe Tesla will be gone in ten years or less.

I worked for a hotel in the Caribbean with two new model X. One worked for six months before developing multiple issues. The other one never worked and took one year to get it fixed.  .

Issues were, no AC since new, fast charger stopped working after 6 months, rubber seals on body getting sticky after one year, etc.


That's not going to happen, we know Scotty.


I think Elon Musk better off using the money to pay his workers. My dad tells me that most CEOs will yell at you and possibly fire you if you do a simple mistake. I wouldn't invest Musk's stocks in the future. He achieved a lot compared to Jeff Bezos. 

how many CEOs has your dad talked to?

@mountainmanjoe The main CEOs like Elon Musk, Tim Cooks, and Steve Jobs. They mainly yell because they wanted to stay in business as long as possible. Remember Elon Musk almost got bankrupt for the Model 3 because of the workers and production.

Wow. Your dad was yelled at by Elon, Tim and Steve? What percentage of all the CEOs do they represent?


If Elon's handing out bribes, where do I get in line?

@Glen_stet I wouldn't advise bribery because I got sentenced to jail for 4 more years for police bribery lol. Laughing Out Loud

Yeah, but I'm just a regular Joe, not a public official. If taking bribes were illegal for us regular folks, how would tipping work? How would the car magazine writers make rent?


Scotty's "branding" is his claim of vehicle-related integrity. If he loses that, via a Musk co-optation, Scotty loses his audience as stigma, a discredited identity is attached to him.

This YouTube outlet gives Scotty purpose, meaning, authority, status, connection. I truly doubt Scotty would sacrifice his core values and needs for anything Musk could offer. By the time you're 67 (I'm 68), you know who you are and what matters and what does not. If Musk is Mephistopheles, Scotty is not Faust.


he will never do that. And scotty himself is a millionaire fyi.  


If it was me, I wouldnt take  the money, and tell everyone he tried to give me money.


Not to nitpick, but Elon is waaaaaaayyyyyy beyond being a millionaire. And, what Thumpy said.


Scotty won’t take the money. Scotty is already rich anyway. Don’t let the older Toyotas fool you lol 


He’s 70ish years old. What does he need $5M for?

He is 67 years young.

Thank you, yes. And he is incredibly spry for 67.
And I hope that by that age, I'm worried about more important things than money.


People talking on here like 5 mil is pocket money haha saying ohhh we wouldn’t take it YEEEAAAAHHH RIGHT OK 😂😂 we Americans are all talk no follow through.  As far as Scotty taking the money I don’t know if he would or not. If he did I don’t blame him at all wether he’s a millionaire or not it’s just more financial security. If he didn’t take the money hey good for him doesn’t make a difference to me I’d still watch him. 

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The premise in the question was Elon offering $5 million to Scotty to take down his anti-Tesla videos AND endorse his products. I just don’t see Scotty doing that, would compromise his integrity, especially since he is worth millions already (according to him).  He doesn’t need the bribe (I mean money).

@Daywalker I understand what the premise was my friend. I just don’t understand how people can say if he would or wouldn’t unless they really knew him personally. And I mean no disrespect towards him at all cause as I said in my comment I don’t care if he did or didn’t take the money I’d still watch the videos.  Even if he did and he “endorsed” Tesla. Scotty is witty enough he’d find a way to point out the problems while still “endorsing” Tesla. I have never seen or met someone who has money and is well off or anyone really,  deny a chance to make more money. With that being said @daywalker I respect your opinion and I do understand what you’re saying 100%.


He has 2 ads on his videos + a great following that knows him for being solo and his integrity. He doesn't need or want 5 million to talk about how great Teslas are. He speaks the truth (hopefully), PERIOD.


I'll consider liking Elon when he lets his employees unionize.

Ununionized autoworkers that I've seen have no pride and aren't good at their jobs. 

It makes me mad that he could easily afford to let his workers unionize and fight for basic employment rights, but instead he needed that 18th summer home. Same with Walmart.

a unionized workforce would be the death of Tesla

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