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What’s worse: burning oil vs oil dilution? Poll is created on Feb 22, 2021


What’s worse: burning oil vs oil dilution?


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What’s worse: burning oil vs oil dilution?

Context: On this forum, and many others, two of the top problems that come up is either oil consumption or oil dilution. Just curious if one is worse than the other.

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Explain the context

soo.. are you trying to make a choice or something? I don't understand the relevance.

Not a choice now. But perhaps a choice in the future.

Ok. So when you are faced with such a choice involving real cars, then post a question (and you will be told to avoid both).

Until then lets stop INVENTING reasons to make posts please.


Ummm I don’t think having either situations are very good 🤷‍♂️ 

Exactly. I fail to see how this pointless topic helps anybody in the real world.

@mountainmanjoe I’m telling you this forum is starting to backslide. You’re absolutely right, this helps no one at all. 

No option for "neither"? Both are bad, and there are too many variables. Are we talking a little oil dilution vs. heavily burning oil, or the other way around, or what? I'm gonna sit on the sidelines of this one as I'm going to agree with @mountainmanjoe and @USAFdozerpilot yet again and say I don't see how this really helps. I Dont Know


Oil burning can kill the catalytic converter, but the big problem is that if you don't check/add oil, you roach the bearings and engine.

Oil dilution can wear out the bearings and rings faster.

What's the next question - What's worse, a heart attack or a stroke?

If this were a medical site, maybe!


Both are pretty bad though.

Both are bad indeed.


It depends but from I see I'm going to compare Toyota oil burning vs Honda oil dilution

Toyota oil burning: Engines had to be rebuilt and the fix is thousands of dollars out of warranty

Honda oil dilution "fix": software update


Fascinating. So in this case, oil dilution is the lesser of the two evils.

Didn't Honda switch to 0W16 oil to resolve dillution?