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How to fix my 2003 Nissan Maxima gle?


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hi mr.scottykilmer i have question about my 2003 nissan maxima.

it shows p0300 code and oil light blinking when slowing down and it shutoff.and the engine vibrating.

i replace the intake manifold gasket,i replace oil and oil filter,i replace the oil sending unit,dont know whats more problem,thank you in advance


201000 miles

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Did you happen to check how low the oil was prior to changing the oil and filter? If it was ran that low it’s possible it could have jumped time causing your concern.  Those are oil pressure controlled chain tensioners and when low they can be soft and possible guides can brake 

i check the oil it wasnt low,but i run wrong oil viscosity before and then changing it back.,

so how i gonna start fixing this? is it oil pump ? or vacuum leak? is it timing chain? please help me.

Does the car have a loud rattle on cold start after it’s been sitting like over night or any extended period of time. If so I would start by removing the timing cover and replacement of the primary guide and resetting of base timing of the primary chain when doing so to start with