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A/C off due to engine high temp


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First of all i enjoy watching your videos very informative. Wifes chevy equinox reads A/C off due to high engine temp. I changed the coolant temperature sensor but it still there. Also i can turn the engine on and off but the fan will continue to stay on for about 5 minutes.

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Year and mileage, etc.?

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It is normal for the cooling fan to stay on for a few minutes after turning the ignition off with a hot engine. What is the coolant temperature reported by a scan tool? Did you install an OEM sensor? (Note that some vehicles have more than one temperature sensor. I don't know if yours does.)

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The fan will stay on after a cold start. I just turn it on and off the fan will stay on for about 5 minutes. The only sensor I changed was the coolant temperature sensor

It's all computer controlled and probably needs to be diagnosed with a dealer-level bidirectional scan tool. @jack62 has access to service data and may have some suggestions.