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Adding a intake?


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Hi Scotty, I got a 2020 tundra with 20,000 on it. I’ve added a Trd pro exhaust. Is it ok to add a Trd pro Intake? Since it’s kinda oem. Just want it for more engine sound. Thanks .

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If its a TRD part designed for that truck I cant imagine it causing any issues. The dealer would be installing it right? If so, then its a toyota part installed by a toyota dealership, absolutely okay.

Disclaimer: I don't think you'll notice much of a difference in engine sound, especially from the inside. 


Why, in the world do you want a louder engine???

Guys with those K&N cold air intakes claim to be able to hear the engine sucking in air more with them, which they like I guess. My Camaro still was one on it from the previous owner, I don't hear it, but it also has an exhaust on it too.
Id imagine a TRD component has been designed and engineered to remain rather quiet anyway.

@nta98 - Sure hope so, thanks!

same reason people dye their hair bright colors, Doc

@mmj - How right you are. Must be difficult having such an inferiority complex.