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Class Action Lawsuit for Hyundai Palisade models smelling like crap


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Hey Scotty, thought you might laugh at this one Smile

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I guess their smell is the same as their quality: hot garbage.


It seems like Hyundai Palisade has hygiene problems lol. Laughing Out Loud  

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clearly loll

Hyundai can't even do a simple hygiene test lol. Take a shower and clean your engine and cabin Hyundai.


I have a friend with a teluride which is the same base vehicle. His developed a funky smell after a couple of months but the dealer figured out that a drain plug for the rear evaporator coil had been left in. The dealer is supposed to remove it on delivery.

That's interesting @mrbob.

the telluride is basically the same vehicle, just with a different interior, and body. I wouldn't be surprised if they have the same problem

why is there a plug in the first place?