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2017 Nissan Titan any good?


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Hi I'm looking to buy a 2017 Nissan Titan SV.  I need a full size truck but love the room the Titan offers.  I am just wondering if they're good trucks or not?

Clarification: How many years and miles do you need it to last you?

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As long as it’s maintained and you maintain it they can be very good trucks 


Yes, they are definitely worth looking at and should be cheaper than a Tundra.  See my prior write-up below:


Yes they can be good trucks if well taken care of, the powertrains are pretty solid in those Titans.


I would say Nissan Titan is probably the second truck I would look after the Toyota Tundras. Toyota Tundras are more reliable than the Nissan Titans which most people would agree here. I would say Nissan Titans have a balance of reliability and the price of the vehicle.

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Worked at Nissan dealership for a couple months and saw a guy do recalls on their V8 2 or 3 times where he had to replace the whole engine block (10k$ job). If you have to get one get a good warranty, if not then find something better.

Which model years Nissan Titan?

Can't say but it was the more recent ones since they were still under warranty.


The few I've driven seemed to be built ok. Definitely roomy, but I'd check around on some Titan forums to see what actual owners are saying about long term issues. I considered buying one at one point, but the price and Nissan's reputation put me off.