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Should I change the transmission fluid on my Mazda CX-5?


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Dear Scotty,

I've seen your videos on changing the transmission fluid at 30,000 or so, but none of them are specifically for Mazda Skyactiv engines. I brought my Mazda CX-5 into the dealer to do it at 25,000 miles, but the dealer told me that the manufacturer does not recommend changing the transmission fluids on Skyactiv engines. I did some research, and some people in the forums say that it's a Ford transmission, which you've recommended doing transmission fluid changes on in the past. Should I get one done?

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Check the FAQ section.



The transmission is actually a Mazda transmission TMK. It may have been derived from the Ford Mazda partnership way back when. But Mazda has redesigned since. 

Generally speaking, check your owners manual for maintenance intervals. That is usually 100,000 miles to 120,000 miles. Some mechanics say to take that number by half, so 50,000 to 60,000 miles. 


I recently changed the transmission fluid on my CX3 (albeit on my own spare time and not at a dealership) but I was able to buy the transmission fluid specific to the Skyactiv engines at my local Mazda dealership.

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