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How do I improve my fuel economy


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Ryan here, in Minneapolis Mn. 
2015 Sub Outback, 2.5L, 90,000 miles. 

I was getting 29MPG city all last year. Now I’m getting 24. 

how do I fix this? 

someone suggested run a few tanks of Zero Ethanol gas through it to clean out the injectors?   That stuff is expensive though. Isn’t a fuel injector cleaner cheaper option? if so, WHAT TYPE of injector cleaner ACTUALLY works to restore mpg? There are a billion out there….

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Please read the FAQ. Your question is answered there.

Sorry, but I looked around and I was not able to find it so that they can imagine, where is that located on the side?

before you downvote me, you should read it first.
Where did you get stuck?


Look up and try the techniques used by drivers in the Mobil Economy Run to improve mileage.


Could be the time of year and the summer  or winter blend of gas. 

Most of my driving is highway, driving.

I keep my tires inflated to the correct them out, sometimes even a little higher.

It is winter in Minnesota for sure and usually around 20°F.

But the specs on this four-cylinder, Subaru say that I should be getting 32 or 33 mpg highway.

I am only getting 25 Highway. And that is with new all season tires as well..

Does anybody know how I can increase my mileage? I drive a lot for work so it would definitely be saving, the only answer I’ve seen from someone previously here was to update my spark plugs, but I already have new spark plugs in the car.


Air. Spark. Fuel.

Read the owners manual for what fuel additives and gas are okay fir your car. If you use Top Tier gas, that should help keep the injectors clean. A bottle of Chevron Techron may help clean them out, if you haven’t been using Top Tier gas. 


When was the last time you changed spark plugs? And at what frequency does the manual recommend? That could be one thing to check to. 


When was the last time you changed your air filter? And how often do they recommend? That could be another thing to check.