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2012 Ford Escape


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My daughter took her Escape to dealer. (Only place in her small town) they sad that the transmission has a leak and has compromised the transmission mount. Engine Mount. Anti-roll mount. They are collapsing. Also code for turbo over boost so the sensor needs replacing.

labor 3553

parts 981

with tax 4659.22

i listen to you all the time so now I’d like some help from you. 
what’s our next step? Can a leak really do all that from a transmission leak? the engine lite has been going on a couple time before and they just previously said it was something small. 

would love to hear from you

greg seegers

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That's outrageous. Ditch the dealer and take the car to an independent mechanic even if she has to travel to another town.


I am always skeptical of what a dealer tells me.

I am also always skeptical of what dealers tell women. Not to be sexist, but just eaves dropping at dealerships, they seem to try to pull one over on women more so than men.

I have no idea the actual layout of the engine, the transmission, and the engine/trandmissiom mounts, for the Ford Escape. But it does seem funny to me that mounts are getting leaked on from the transmission. Usually transmission leaks are lower and engine mounts are higher. 

I am not saying it can’t happen. Just skeptical. 

If you can have your daughter send pictures of the engine mounts or the leaks, we might be able to help decipher if it is legitimate.