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[Solved] 2013 Silverado 1500 squeaking only when turning right.


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I've looked this up and I find a plethora of things it could be. Any idea on a 2013 Chevy Silverado V6 1500 squeaking only when I turn right? It doesn't happen when the car is not moving or going really slow. The Power steering fluid is good, tried lubricating springs, etc. The thing I have come down to is maybe the left wheel bearing? What do you think?

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The culprit was a stuck brake pad.  it seized on the rotor almost,  and when it rained the sound went away presumably because it was cooling and lubricating. The pad wear was literally thick on one side to literally nothing on the other. It took monumental effort to get it off. Kinda.  The car repair place said a stuck caliper pin. Nope.  They also didn't torque my lugs and two were really loose when I got it back. Did the job myself for less than half price.  No sound now! Thanks for your help guys.  

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Since I'm not exactly sure and it seems to be getting a little worse. I'm going to take it in to my local shop down the street. I'll update with what they say. 


Have you tried AT-205 on the control arm bushings & strut mount bushings? Or any other front end bushings in your vehicle?

No I'll try it. Thanks.

Keep us posted with your diagnosis -

I've clocked it at around 15 mph to 5 mph where it makes the loud squeaking, only right turning and stops when truck stops. Applying break makes it go away as well. AT-205 didn't seem to help with the noise, but still wanted to treat the areas.


Is it single squeak, or rhythmic squeak?

It stays squeaking for the duration of the turn at lower speeds (I didn't make that clear) at speed I can't hear it. I also just took it out and noticed it stops when I apply breaks, then comes back a bit if I'm still in the right turn. So for instances, I pulled into the auto parts store and it squeaked like mad until I applied brakes, then stayed until it basically stopped.

I did just spray at-205 on the rubber/bushings and have yet to take it out to see if it is there, but will later.

yeah worn bearings will do that

Pretty sure it's a bearing?