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Car Code P0125 Revised


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Hello Mr.Kilmer,

My 2002 Explorer Sport Trac check engine light came up, ran a diagnose and it showed the P0125 code. I was told it's either the ECT sensor needs to be checked or replaced or replace the whole thermostat. I've changed the old thermostat with a new one in Oct/2020, but don't know why this happens now despite it's a new part. I bought DORMAN brand than buying MOTOCRAFT due to its highly rated and better reviewed. Although, I was told it's still ok to drive the truck too, but I'll have a bad gas mileage by a little bit. I'm planning on getting it fixed, but is it ok to drive it even for long drive like 4 hours (will happen only twice)?

Best regards,

Mohammed Alrashed.

Edit: I forgot to mention in the last post that there's no coolant leak under the truck and no leaking on the thermostat as well. As for the temperature's gauge, it's working fine and being on the quarter as usual. As for the heat, there's no overheating or other issues I've noticed when the check engine light came up.

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Well if you didn't change the thermostat itself change that and normally the replacement parts don't come with a sensor if you reuse the sensor it would need another one but if you didn't then odds are the wiring or the computer circuit that drives it has a problem