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[Solved] Dealer wants >$200 to test the battery in my 2014 Scion!


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Expensive battery test at the dealership (Scion 2014)

Visit at the dealership to discuss wheels. I took the opportunity to ask him if he can check the battery. It was replaced on purchase but with a used battery. The technician told me that I have to make an appointment and that it is a task that requires an hour to an hour and a half. At $150/hour I told him I better buy a new battery than test the one in the car. He explains to me again that they have to do tests with a computer, etc. No thanks. I drove to the nearest garage and asked the mechanic to test the battery. It's done in 3 minutes and for free... The battery is good.

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Posted by: @knulp

Visit at the dealership to discuss wheels

What are you doing going to the dealer to buy wheels?!

Just to check if the wheels I want to by will fit the car. For winter time in up north Canada I will install 17 inches wheels from a Scion Xb.


Lesson learned.  Never go to the dealership except to use their restroom.

Even then, their restroom sign might be a misdirection to the F&I office.

Absolutely right @daywalker.




My local battery dealer tests them for free and it takes 2 minutes. He's a super nice gentleman.


Autozone will test it free too.


Money-grubbing nonsense like this is how they earned the title of stealerships.


Never go to the dealership - big mistake - unless it’s for recall work or warranty work;  even then, there is risk of them screwing something up.  I haven’t set foot inside the dealership for service or even to buy parts in 27 years!


I want to the dealership because the had a deal on an oil change. Knowing full well I would be upsold. 

First thing they test when I drive up was the battery, for FREE.  It showed my battery was low. I passed on getting a new battery. 

During the actual oil change and inspection, they also check the battery. Somehow the battery was fine and in perfect working order. Hmm. 

They probably increased the rated CCA value on the test equipment to provide a false low reading..

I was wondering how they did it. GTK.