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Hyundai Tiburon does not crank if on jacks


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Hey Scotty/Guys,

So my 2000 tibby work all right, the thing is, if I'm working on it and put the front wheels on jacks, it dies and will not crank not even by straight jumping the starter relay but everything else work fine. 

As soon as 4 wheels are on the ground it starts working as if nothing happened. any ideas why this might be?


Battery and alternator working fine, and haven't had issues with the starter other than this.

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I'm curious, does it crank on an incline?  Suppose the car is on an incline at the same angle as on the jacks.  Does it still crank?

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Hi Kaizen, how's it going?


Dude actually the first time it happened, the next day I took it to a brutal incline/slope, turned it off, and then tried to turn it on, and it worked just fine, I haven't really had any issues on startup except for the one mentioned.


I really have given some thought to it, but I can't figure why is it that only if placed on jack stands, front wheels on the air, and back wheels on the ground, the whole starting system leaves the chat, and on the same exact position on an incline it works fine.


This is such a weird problem. I wish I could point you somewhere. 

My only guess is that something is getting pinched or unpinched by going up in the air.