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Does 2009 Dodge Avenger need a new engine?


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I have a 2009 Dodge Avenger and I checked the codes it said I needed a new cam/crank sensor cause it wouldn’t start so I towed it to the mechanic and he said my engine was blown and it would be at the least 3,000 dollars, I said I had to think about it cause that’s more then double what I paid for the car and I looked inside and he never put the battery back in the car and it didn’t look like he even checked anything, what do you think?

Clarification: What were the specific codes?   Were there other codes, too?  Also, what is the mileage on the vehicle, and did you notice any symptoms before the codes came up?

Engine, transmission, mileage?

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Sudden engine failure is possible, especially if you have an interference engine and the timing belt or chain broke. Did the mechanic detail what lead him to believe the engine is blown? I'd get another opinion.


What engine do you have?  Basic info is needed to be of any help.


Sounds like your mechanic is smoking crack.  Find somebody else.