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2018 Nissan Pathfinder S 4WD opinions


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What are your thoughts on a 2018 Nissan Pathfinder S 4WD? My parents have one on lease currently with 34,663 miles. No issues so far.

  1. 34,663 miles 
  2. no issues
  3. Xtronic CVT
  4. VQ35DE V6
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It will fall apart as it ages. Your parents definitely made a smart move about leasing that Pathfinder because those CVTs have had issues. Once the lease is up, return it, and get a Toyota Highlander as it'll outlast the Nissan by a huge margin.

My parents have historically leased their cars. They’ve also had a 2016 Rogue 2.5 S AWD (no problems with that) and a 2014 Town & Country (tire blew out). Neither had problems other than a tire blow out on the Town & Country


They are nice SUVs perfect for a lease that fall apart after 100k miles. DO NOT buy it, rather enjoy your lease while you have it.