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[Solved] AC Leak


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Hello, so I have a 2018 Silverado, AC started blowing warm today. I can hear some noise in the dash when its on, the AC compressor kicks on and off so hopefully that isn't the part thats failed. My guess is it has a leak obviously so should I refill it with refrigerant and see if it holds or take it to the shop to have it reviewed. Someone told me I can use refrigerant that has a leak sealant in it, but I'm always a little cautious with those.


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Proper diagnosis is needed. Your AC could actually be working and the problem could be your blend door - noises under the dash could be from a bad actuator or broken flap.

Don't blindly put more refrigerant in, and you definitely don't want to put anything with sealer in. Sealers can potentially plug up and ruin the entire AC system as well as diagnostic equipment that may be connected to it. Your vehicle should be scanned with a professional-grade scan tool to check for HVAC-related codes. Also the AC system pressures should be checked with a manifold gauge set. (The cheap low-side gauge provided on so-called "recharge cans" is useless for diagnosis.) Leaks can be checked for using UV dye or an electronic detector.

Tread lightly. It is very easy to make matters worse by getting ahead of yourself.


Noises under the dash is likely a blend door actuator. (There's usually 2 but can have more depending on climate control) so you have to get it diagnosed correctly before going the refrigerant route or throwing the parts cannon at it.

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The noises in the back sounds like hissing, unfortunately AC isn't my area of expertise so yeah I think the best thing would be to run it to the shop Smile